Dad Invented the Turkey Roast

When I was a boy, we lived in St. Louis, where Dad worked for the Ralston Purina Company.  They had just forward integrated from selling animal feeds to raising turkeys, selling them fresh and frozen, now that most Americans had a freezer compartment in their refrigerators. Dad was one of the first marketing people in... Continue Reading →

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Lipstick on a Pig

What a classic business owner’s decision: COO to OWNER: “Our sales are hanging in there but not growing. Tariffs are cutting into our margins, and as current owners you prefer not to make significant capital investments.” CEO to OWNER:  “Should we update our strategies and grow the company with minimal investment, or should we ‘put... Continue Reading →

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement begins well before employment. Back in the day, Ben Peternell spent a lot of Harrah’s money on PhD types, researching leading indicators of employee success for front-of-the-house casino jobs.  One of the findings was to ask this question during the job interview: “Can you tell me a good joke?” It correlated well with... Continue Reading →

Long Range Planning

Kindergarten Last week was a long range planning week. As a corporate board, we approved long term financing for an acquisition.  We led our hospital client’s philanthropy and master planning to build a new facility by 2030.  Another client hired a CEO who hopefully will be in the saddle for a decade or more.  Then... Continue Reading →

Be Careful Who You Partner With. 

Does your brand positioning match well with the partner’s brand?  Similar target markets?  Complementary emotional response from both brands?  Or does one brand cheapen positioning of the other? Do you find yourself short of resources to implement one of the strategic Priority Objectives?  Partnering with another business is usually a strategy worth considering, to add... Continue Reading →

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